Top Best Gaming Reviews Websites for Gaming Freaks



Gaming reviews have always excited hard-core gamers. Gaming freaks have always searched for more challenging and thrilling opportunities to conquer their hunger for success. These websites have created a pool of gamers uplifting the gaming industry each time. Gaming has turned out to be a huge sport for people and has given rise to the gaming industry. The world has witnessed some great highly paid professional gamers. Gaming consoles are of immense importance when it comes to adding fire to the gaming experience. For an indelible experience, you need to have the right gaming console which you can find on various online shopping websites. Meanwhile, we surrender to you the best gaming reviews website which will give you insights on the latest buzz and gaming news hitting the headlines.


Kokatu tops the list and lies among the best gaming reviews websites speaking about the upcoming heated news for gaming freaks. This website is home to all kinds of gaming news. It speaks about the hints and tricks needed to surpass challenging levels and to win tournaments. It covers a wide range of gaming blogs regardless of the game type. Kokatu lies under the same roof of Gizmodo and Lifehawker taking shelter under the networks of Gawker Media.


Next up is N4G, a social platform for all sorts of gaming news and is home to all gaming genres. The initial step is to join in as a member, one you are a new member, you can share your comments, reviews, tips and tricks for the games you have played and have come across. Later you can also be a contributing member of the news stories and blogs displayed on the website, but it depends on the temperature score.


GotGame shouts out to all the video gamers out there. It features news related to the video game industry. Got Game is largely known for its video reviews on diverse video game characteristics and titles. The video reviews are commonly featured by the persistent contributors of the website. The graphics of any game are of immense importance to the gamers and that what GotGame focuses on. Placing a cherry on the top, it also enlightens the video gamers about the graphics and visuals pertaining to the game which helps them make the right decision about what to and what not to play.


ShackNewslies among one of the best websites when it comes to gaming reviews and preferences. It covers a wide range of news and gives insights on gaming experiences shared by the dedicated members of the community. It is widely known for its best news reportage on gaming. Shacknews features news related to mobile and video games suggesting what’s best in the pipeline. Stories connecting to PS3,  Wii, 360, Xbox etc. are all aired on this review website.


Destructoid has its own YouTube channel and if you are an iPhone user, you can get hold of it through the iTunes. Regardless of the reviews posted by the community members, you can also have a direct access to 60 plus video game news stories. Regular weekly and daily video streaming, reviews and updates are enough to keep the gaming freaks satisfied.

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