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Today I will discuss Alienware alpha, in this beast gaming Alienware Alpha Review 2018. Alienware Alpha Console (Intel Core i3-4130T, 4GB DDR3, 500GB HDD, NVIDIA GTX 2GB GDDR5 GPU). It is only a small unit compared to there desktop pc but it still kicks out one hell of a punch with its power.

Alienware Alpha

Being such a little gadget customized for family room PC gaming, the Alienware Alpha doesn’t have numerous immediate contenders right now, put something aside for the Maingear Spark (and other boutique PC manufacturers’ goes up against that plan). Furthermore, by “little”, I mean modest – this is much smaller than both the Xbox One and PS4. The Alpha measures around 7.9 x 7.9 x 2.2 inches and weigh roughly 4.4 pounds. By examination, the Maingear Spark possesses way less space at 5 x 4.5 x 2.25 inches and hits the scale at only one pound.

Be that as it may, as you most likely are aware, the size isn’t always everything in hardware. The Alpha may be beaten by a few rivals as far as measurements, however how Alienware made utilization of its picked figures is the thing that separates this gadget. Based on the specs beneath, Alienware figured out how to pack a considerable amount of equipment in this minor bundle.

 Alienware Alpha review 2018 – Specs

  • This Ease of a unique Console – Freedom of a Gaming PC
  • An ecosystem which supports your favourite PC games, software and hardware
  • A Beast Gaming PC unit console which doesn’t take up much room in the Living Room.
  • Best Price by far with excellent Performance/Form Factor
  • Windows 8.1 and including a remote wireless Xbox 360 Gamepad
  • 100% Game Controller which as a user interface
  • Supports many titles from Indie games and Windows AAA
  • With over 450 titles it is Rapidly expanding, Library of Windows Steam Games plus full controller support.
  • News and the weather with Windows 8.1 OS and its interface for Social Media integration,

This won’t appear like much, but rather when you consider the included remote Xbox 360 controller (for Windows) over what’s inside for $549 to begin, this begins to resemble an OK bargain. What you see here is unquestionably the base arrangement, with the most elevated end demonstrate coming in at a whopping price £599.99 Since writing this Alienware alpha review 2018.

That arrangement nets you an Intel Core i7 chip, twofold the RAM, a 2TB turning drive and 2×2 double band Wi-Fi. On the off chance that you haven’t officially seen, Alienware’s altered GTX 860M is the main designs alternative accessible over every single Alpha model. In the beginning universe of Steam Machines, just a single GPU choice isn’t news however by the by makes deciding on a beefier form significantly less engaging.


The Alienware Alpha has unequivocally pointed comfortable driving diversion reassures, Xbox One and PS4, verifying boxes like local 1080p help, 4K video support and upgradability. Be that as it may, since the three are altogether unique stages, coordinate execution examinations are unimaginable. Contrasting the Alpha against contending gaming PCs is likewise troublesome, given its redid versatile GPU and the absence of straightforwardly comparative frameworks.


So, if you are thinking about buying the Alienware Alpha taking into consideration the size but remember size doesn’t matter. It will ease you into what’s possible in PC gaming and lure you into getting more involved. I doubt it will be long before Alpha owners start expressing interest in building gaming PCs, or at least upgrading the systems they just picked up. It will steer your thoughts near to thinking about getting one of these beauties. You will learn what’s conceivable in the world of the PC gaming Alienware alpha and bait you into getting more included. I question it will be well before Alpha proprietors begin communicating enthusiasm for building gaming PCs.


As much as I would rather not state it, regardless of whether you should purchase this beautiful little box relies upon the kind of gamer you are. Figure what you will, however, the Alpha serves a certain statistic amazingly well and was intended for that reason from the beginning. Alienware comprehends what Steam Machines are about, and the Alpha is confirmation of this known fact.

  • Double the amount of graphics then any other PC.
  • Graphics Amplifier support which allows this equipment for upgradable PC gaming performance
  • You can configure this more than the previous models.
  • Small little unit easy to store away, doesn’t take up much room in your sitting room.


  • Many Internet updates and Installations with this device
  • The design can often make the products stand out from the crowd, even tho this is amazing gaming pc the shoddiness does reflect on the design also software which as lack of certain features.

I purchased one of these about a month ago because the price as actually dropped. Amazon as the perfect deals and it is the cheapest while the deals last. Well, worth the time and money if you ask me and I have never had so much fun before with the Alienware alpha review 2018.

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